I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Míng Yí

trigram Earth
trigram Fire

Hexagram 36

Míng Yí, Brightness hiding

Gua Poem: Hiding Brightness. Fruitful to determine about difficulties.

The great image says: Brightness enters into the earth : hiding brightness. The noble one governs the masses using darkness and also brightness.

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  This hexagram is complementary to hex.6.

Top 6: Not bright, dark. In the beginning climbing up to heaven, afterwards entering the earth.
If you strive always to be on top, your fall may be devastating. One can only know about the light when one knows and accepts the dark too. Enter the dark and you will understand light. First low, then high. That's how things grow healthy and natural. This way the sun creates night and day.
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6 at 5: Ji-Zi's Brightness Hiding. Fruitful to determine.
Who has a strong inner guideline and does not need the approval or admiration of others can stay himself in all circumstances. Nobody can find a point of attachment for harm. He never has to adapt his heart, but he can let it determine its own course, in freedom.
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6 at 4: Entering the left Central Plains. Catching the heart of Hiding Brightness. Coming out of front door and courtyard.
When one dares to enter in the region where threats or danger from emotions or people come from, one might make a treaty. As long as they are avoided, unknown or negated, they can harm you. Both emotions and enemies should be known.
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9 at 3: Hiding brightness. At the hunt in the South catching the great head. Not permitting a determination about affliction.
If your mind is low, then go hunting in the fields of Hypochondria – the South, the belly, the domain of emotions. Giving your thoughts a connection with physical sensations may not solve anything yet, but it opens the gateway for recovery. Tangible things attract concrete solutions.
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6 at 2: Hiding brightness. Injured in the left thigh. Use the strength of gelded horses. Auspicious.
Do not discard or overestimate ominous fore-feelings. Just avoid the points of application for fate. If King Mu had used gelded horses, he probably would not have been injured. Omens can be useful warnings if one listens – or lessons if one looks back at the signs. About this line and its characters see 'origins'
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Initial 9: Hiding brightness. At flight, drooping one's wings. A noble man on the road does not eat for three days. He proceeds probing. The host has comments.
Every action in life knows setbacks, problems, opposition and criticism. Stay on your track but find your way carefully and be wary, avoiding provocation. It is of no use to fight wind or water, but moving along one will reach one’s destination (or even destiny) much easier.
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