I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
"Oracle of the moon": © 2000 LiSe

  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 03

Zhūn, beginning, accumulating

trigram Water
Trigram Thunder

Gua Poem:
Sprouting: Eminent - expansion. Harvest - determination.
No benefit to proceed probing.
Fruitful to install feudal lords.

The great image says: Clouds and thunder: sprouting. A noble one lays out the basic pattern.
("uses the warp threads")

Hex.3 is complementary to hex.50.

  The character zhun is an image of a seedling. It talks about the difficulties of beginning something from scratch, but also how to make use of the new possibilities this involves. In the old times one of the most difficult beginnings was, when a troop of soldiers got stationed somewhere and had to find a way to survive. No food, no lodgings, nothing. They had to forage and start cultivating a field to grow food and also store enough for the winter. More about Zhun.

  If you receive Zhun as primary or relating hexagram then find out what possibilities or opportunities are opening up. Try to find helpers; if you have to do this on your own it will be a lot harder.

  The trigrams Thunder below Water: nothing has form yet, but there is a lot of energy in the situation. The same goes for yourself, wanting to start but so far without anything you can show. This also means, that there are no limits yet.

  If no lines change: either the situation is such that you cannot do anything or change much about it, or there is no need for it and things simply are the way they are.

  If all lines change: this will be a huge task, it looks as if the entire situation has to be turned over. Hex.03 is not the opposite of 50, it is complementary. They need each other but it is very difficult to experience them simultaneously. See 'contrasts'.
 (hex.3's 50 The Cauldron)

  Top line: Then driving a team of horses, then bloody tears are streaming.
The inner core must be resistant against failure. Many things in life will not succeed, so don't depend on success, and don't be a victim of failure. The two go together, if you defeat one, you defeat both.
  (hex.3's 42 Increase)  Mirror

  Line 5: The best place for stationing troops. Small determination auspicious. Big determination pitfall.
Find a place to live which suits you, both inside and outside. Free from expectations, pride, ambition or obligation. A hut where you feel good is better than a castle where you get lost.
  (hex.3's 24 Recover)  Mirror

  Line 4: Like driving a team of horses proposing marriage. To proceed is auspicious. There will be profit.
If you want something, then do it the right way! Put your heart and soul into it. Its success depends on your motivation, dedication, all the powers you yourself put into it.
  (hex.3's 17 Following)  Mirror

  Line 3: Approaching the deer without a guide, it only enters deep into the forest. The noble one knows the signs, so stops. To proceed brings distress.
Who charges at things without thinking will put them to flight. A lot of fuss only makes the goal recede. One has to know the life and home of the game as if one lives there oneself.
  (hex.3's 63 Already crossing: Use the right means for what you do)  Mirror

  Line 2: Then sprouting, then proceeding with difficulty, then driving a team of horses. No bandit: a marital suitor. Girls determination: no babies. Ten years, then babies.
Don't just be a reaction on what comes up to you: running when all seems easy, and frustrated by the first obstacle. Things cannot be accomplished just like that, they need time and thought. So don't rush, but don't let anything stop you either.
  (hex.3's 60 Limits)  Mirror

  Initial line: Not making headway. Profitable: a settling determination. Fruitful to install feudal lords.
Nothing starts out of nowhere, but the art is to make it become real. For big things one needs space and assistance. Find helpers, consult your gods and your guts, explain and inspire.
  (hex.3's 8 Stand by)  Mirror